Friday, 11 November 2011

Autumn 2011 at East End Park

Autumn at East End Park is a busy time for the staff of the Town & Countryside Department and this year is no different.  First there was the planning and execution of the bonfire and fireworks display on Friday 4 November which, together with the fair attracted more than 4,000 people to the park on a very wet and muddy evening.

The fireworks were spectacular and after a somewhat shaky start the huge bonfire, lit by Cllr Asghar Khan on behalf of the council, was soon well ablaze and many were attracted to the warmth it offered on a cold and wet evening.  The ground was very churned up by the number of people and the heavy equipment from the fair but once again Tracy and her crew will do their stuff and get the park ready for Winter.

In November the park will be receiving 36 Sweet Chestnut Trees which will be planted along the front of the park, again Parks & Countryside Department will supply a JCB to help with this big job but it is hoped that local schools together with  local residents and Friends of East End Park will be there to help with some of the work and that by being included in this important project young people in the area will feel an attachment to the trees which they will be able to watch grow and develop and change with the seasons.

The White Ribbon Campaign will be held across the city on on 25 November 2011 and East End Park will be joining in.  Men from our area, together with Cllrs Khan and Grahame and Sgt Coultate and others will be there to lend their support to this worthy cause.  The event itself will be taking place centre entrance of the Park at 1.30pm

Earlier this year Friends of East End Park applied for and received £500 from the POCA fund and used the money to buy two banners, one for the Lark in the Park in July and one for the very popular 3 Brass Band Concerts held in the park in the summer but £300 was given to Parks & Countryside to purchase some new rose trees to be planted in the existing rose beds.  These bare rooted trees will be planted during the month of November and by summer we should have a riot of blooms for those who use the park to enjoy.

As you see the park is a busy place in all the seasons of the year with new things to see in each phase.  The colourful autumn leaves are always a beautiful sight and a gentle walk through the park in the crisp autumn air is one of those treats anyone can enjoy.

Come along and see the park dressed in its autumn finery - it is well worth a visit.


  1. Bonfire night was great, despite the rain! We got wet through and through and still enjoyed it! It is lovely to see the Friends of East End Park branching out and embracing wider issues! The park is a place cherished by all in the area and it should embrace all!

  2. i am so looking forward to the trees being planted - next year we can pick our own chestnuts.

    Its a brlliant park